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Retractable Benches

Used extensively in numerous schools, colleges, universities, professional theatres and sports venues across the land, SIS's upholstered bench with backrest has set the benchmark for ergonomically designed, retractable seating systems.

The durable credentials of our bench range make them a great seating solution for sports venues and schools.

With a powered option available for even simpler operation and all systems come complete with a wide range of fabric choices, all of which have an in-built durability to withstand the rigors of very demanding environments. At SIS, we positively encourage client input and a collaborative approach to the final solution. It is this mutual awareness and understanding of venue requirements, plus our commitment to design excellence and innovation, that enables us to develop a final solution that delights every client expectation.

System accesories:

Bench with back

Bench with back

Bench seat option - fabric

Bench seat  fabric


Bench seat option - laminate/ply

Bench seat  vinyl

Bench laminate/ply


Bench seat plastic




Bench without back  /   Chair option – vinyl upholstery   /  Row letters /  Seat numbers / Wooden bench / Leather seats / In-seat power, USB and mains available


System Dimensions

  Row spacing (open dimension)
No tiers No seat rows * Height top deck 800 mm 850 mm 900 mm
3 4 805 2850 3000 3150
4 5 3650 3850 3850 4050
5 6 1325 4450 4700 4950
6 7 1585 5250 5550 5850
7 8 1845 6050 6400 6750
8 9 2105 6850 7250 7650
9 10 2365 7650 8100 8550
10 11 2625 8450 8950 9450
11 12 2885 9250 9800 10350
12 13 3145 10050 10650 11250
Dimensions in mm - B850 units in excess of 12 tiers/13 seat rows are available on request * assumes 285 mm first row rise then 260 mm for all other risers

The above drawing shows a typical standard retractable seating unit.

The above drawing shows a typical retractable seating unit. Alternative designs for the top deck of the seating unit are available where access to a rear level/balcony is required. Please contact our technical department for further information





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