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The compact seating system that provides multipurpose performance

Combining unlimited adaptability with groundbreaking design, Venu is a unique audience seating system thatsets the standard in the indoor seating industry.

The compact seating system that provides multipurpose performance (Foto 1)The compact seating system that provides multipurpose performance (Foto 2)

Specifically designed for the auditorium, education, arena and indoor sports market, the innovative new seating system facilitates complete flexibility for use on fixed tiers, retractable systems and flat or sloping floors.

In an industry first, the seat’s chassis is constructed from a high performance metal replacement composite ‘Dura Z’, which boasts compact design, superb ergonomics and streamlined aesthetic among its numerous benefits.

Fixed to an aluminium extruded beam, Venu featuresleading mounting technology that enables adaptive clamping to curved or straight beams for high speed installation.

Venu compact seating system Video

What’s more, the innovative design means that for the first time ever, audiences will be able to enjoy a comfortable foam seat and back without the need for fabric. By eliminating this requirement, any potential rips or tears are prevented, whilst ongoing maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Available in two different finishes: ‘Z-Form’ integral skin polyurethane, or cold cure polyurethane foam and ply upholstery, both seat and back options offer a multitude of aesthetic and practical options to suit all needs.

Keeping ergonomics and aesthetics in mind, the cold cure polyurethane foam upholstery option has been designed to provide exceptional comfort, flexibility and style, with the module seat and back constructed of birch plywood for a modernistic effect.In yet another industry first, FIRA will be awarding the Ergonomics Excellence Award to Venu for its outstanding comfort and ease of use.

For complete multipurpose use, Venu can be mounted in either full closed ora sprung three-quarter seated position, with the latter presenting the seat to the user for ease of use, without impacting the clearway. This is combined with an automatic seat-folding system for ease of use and longevity of life span.

Venu is also available with individual or shared ‘Dura Z’ armrests, boasting the ability to be moved upwards or downwards at the convenience of the audience member.

Venu is a true show stopper, redefining the experience your audience feels when you tell them to sit back and relax.

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